I. reject re‧ject 2 [ˈriːdʒekt] noun [countable]
a product which is not good enough and will be thrown away or sold cheaply:

• If the number of rejects exceeds this level, the batch is returned.

  [m0] II. reject re‧ject 1 [rɪˈdʒekt] verb [transitive]
1. to refuse to accept a request, suggestion, or offer:

• The Commerce Department rejected applications for 39 export licenses.

• The proposals were rejected by a large majority.

2. HUMAN RESOURCES to refuse to accept someone for a job, course of study etc:

• He was rejected for the job because of his age.

3. COMMERCE to throw away or refuse to accept something that has been made because its quality is not good enough:

• A buyer may reject goods which do not conform to the sample.

— rejection noun [countable, uncountable] :

• The miners reversed their earlier rejection of the company's proposals.

• After the job interview, the company sent her a rejection letter wishing her luck in her search for work.

* * *

reject UK US /rɪˈdʒekt/ verb [T]
to refuse to accept an idea, suggestion, etc.: »

The committee will decide whether to accept or reject the offer.


reject a suggestion/proposal/argument


reject a claim/criticism/allegation

reject sth as sth »

The board rejected the idea as being too risky.

HR, WORKPLACE to decide not to choose someone for a job or for a place on a course of study, etc.: »

We rejected ten candidates in the first round of interviews.


25% of applicants are rejected because of lack of experience.

COMMERCE to decide that goods cannot be accepted because they are of low quality: »

Three shipments of beans were rejected because they had traces of illegal pesticides.

Compare ACCEPT(Cf. ↑accept)
reject UK US /ˈriːdʒekt/ noun [C]
COMMERCE something that cannot be accepted because it is of low quality: »

a factory reject


Most of the crowd control drugs tested by the US military were rejects from the pharmaceutical industry.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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